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An example to Build your Custom Gaming PC: I currently have a budget of £1600 for a new gaming PC, I do not need any peripherals, Just the actual PC. I currently just use a laptop to game. It is an old Alienware R4 17 with a 7700HQ CPU, GTX 1060 GPU, 16GB of RAM and 1TB Hard drive that i upgraded to last year. I looking for something faster and and great for streaming, So as much performance as possible within my budget. I am keen to look at an AMD build. I like some of the PC’s you have done with liquid cooling and RGB but not after anything too customised as far as aesthetics go. I do not have much room on or around my desk so a mid-tower is the absolute biggest but prefer smaller if possible. What can you do?
RESPONSE: Thanks for you interest. Looks like you know a fair bit about PC’s and a clear idea of what you want. So within your budget we can look a a few options. Main focus will be on performance and size of the actual PC as these seem to be the most important things for you and a second focus on the aesthetics and liquid cooling. So starting with the size we can look at a Micro Case with a mATX Motherboard. The Case would look something like this: (IMAGE ATTACHED). An ideal build would be B550 Motherboard with the Ryzen 5 3600x AMD CPU. If you can wait a week I think the new Nvidea RTX GPU’s would be a great investment as the RTX 3070 will deliver beyond anything available today within your budget. I would still go with 16GB of RAM but look at higher speed (3200Mhz) and more durable. RGB and Liquid Cooling can easily be done within this budget but it is worth noting that as of yet, the RTX 3070 GPU is not yet compatible with water cooling blocks. It can still be used but can only be air cooled. We can map out how you want the liquid cooling to look. Finally, It maybe an idea to look at 2 storage drives, one for your system and the other dedicated to apps and games. For the system a smaller SSD drive of 500gb is more than enough and a 2tb storage drive would be about what is left within your budget. – Let me know you thoughts on this along with any comments you have.

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