Pro Gaming PC AMD Tempest


  • Ryzen 5 2600x (Overclock to 4GHz) 6 core/16Mb Cache
  • Nvidia RTX 2070s (Super) 8gb/16gbps Overlocked to 2000Mhz
  • Ballistic Sport DDR4 2400 16gb ram C16 (4x4gb)
  • 1tb SSD NVMe 3rd Gen PCIe (Primary)
  • Asus Gaming WiFi PCI card

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The Tempest is a real contender for the casual gamer looking for a Pro Gaming PC. A Ryzen 5 at the heart, a powerful RTX-2070S, you have tournament grade gaming without breaking the bank. The hardware configuration is ideal for someone looking to take gaming to a competitive and professional level.

The Karasu Technical and development team are key to the Tempest’s success. Bespoke development focused on gaming performance, specifically for online multiplayer gaming with enabled streaming. Because of this, The Tempest produces high FPS scores without compromising the hardware. We tested it across 12 popular and technically demanding games. Results are steady with an average FPS of 200 (with games that had an uncapped FPS setting.) Games with FPS setting capped, The Tempest reached it 96% of the time.

The Tempest is robust and air cooled with a sublime are flow drawing cool air from the front and top and exhausting through the back and with an AMD build in mind has a high tolerance to heat ensuring your components will last.

All parts are under manufacture warranty so you can game on in confidence – The only thing you need to worry about is getting to the top of your game.

Looking to keep pushing your Pro Gaming PC to the max? You can get some great advice and tip in The Gamers Den. The Karasu Youtube channel is a great source too. So if you looking to be the top of your game, we are right here to make it happen.


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