Custom Gaming PC Bumblebee series


  • overclocked i5-9600KF
  • Overclocked RXT 2060S | 2070S | 2080-ti
  • Up to 64gb Gaming RAM
  • Liquid or Air Cooled
  • Choice of 4 case designs


Get creative, bring on your own game with the Bumblebee chassis. Every build option is high-end. All you need to decide is how your custom gaming pc is going to take shape!

Sporting the top of the range i5 9600KF CPU alongside the epic RTX range of GPU’s, The Bumblebee series is pact with performance. We have selected Corsair and G.SKILL RAM because of it’s great performance in online gaming and streaming. This gives AMD builds a real contender in the Intel arena.

Because of premium parts Bumblebee provides an epic gaming experience. And the Rig looks stunning, it is a custom gaming pc, so it should! Our development and technical teams push the boundaries on customization with Windows 10 Pro installed and a full suite of gaming software to truly personalize your rig. The team overclock each rig to boost it’s performance. Our technical team take great care in overclocking your rig and it’s limits. This ensures the performance keeps on performing because epic gaming should never be interrupted.

The Bumblebee custom gaming pc is focused on ensuring pricing is as sensitive as possible for such premium components because a budget build does not need to be a substandard build.

All we are waiting on to complete your custom build is a list of your preferred games. This is because after all our setting up we love to optimize you custom gaming pc to deliver the highest fps for your chosen games. The result, the best gaming experience you can build.

Bumblebee is built to competition standards, highly customizable with room for future tech upgrades. And VR ready! If you are looking to keep on tweaking your custom gaming pc when it arrives, check out The Gamers Den. Our youtube channel also has some great tips too!


  • Overclocked i5-9600KF 4.6GHz
  • Choice of RTX 2080-ti, RTX 2070 Super or RTX 2060 Super
  • Up to 64GB RAM
    • Ripjaws V 64Gb (4x16gb) DDR4 3200 C16 Gaming RAM
    • Corsair Vengeance LPX 32Gb (2x16Gb) DDR4 3600 C18 Gaming RAM
    • G. Skill Flare X 16Gb DDR4 3200 C14 Gaming RAM
  • 2TB storage (SX8200 Pro NVMe PCIe M.2)
  • ASUS ROG Thor 1200w PSU
  • Choice of custom liquid cooling or air cooling
  • Z390 Gaming X motherboard

Additional information

Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 66 × 32 × 72 cm

Intel core i5-9600KF Overclocked 6 core, Intel core i7-9700KF Overclocked 8 core, Intel core i9-9900KF Overclocked 8 core


RTX 2080-Ti 11Gb Overclocked to 2000Mhz, RTX 2070S (Super) 8Gb Overclock to 1800Mhz, RTX 2060S (Super) 8Gb Overclocked to 1800Mhz


Ripjaws V 64Gb (4x16gb) DDR4 3200 C16 Gaming RAM, Corsair Vengeance LPX 32Gb (2x16Gb) DDR4 3600 C18 Gaming RAM, G. Skill Flare X 16Gb DDR4 3200 C14 Gaming RAM


Air cooled, Liquid cooled


Red, White, Black, Yellow


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