Alienware competitor – AMD UFO


  • AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
  • RTX2080-ti | Duel SLI RTX2070s (Super) | Duel SLI RTX 2080s (Super) | Duel SLI RTX280-ti
  • 16gb RAM | 32gb RAM | 64gb RAM (G.SKILL Trident Z 3200 DDR4 C14)
  • 1tb SSD Boot drive & 2tb HDD Storage | 2tb SSD Boot drive & 2tb HDD Storage
  • A choice of 26 Towers/cases at no additional cost
  • Air and liquid cooled Hybrid


AMD UFO is a serious Alienware competitor. Mirroring the the Aurora Ryzen Addition on a 3950f CPU, the UFO aces the Alienware at £800 less! The UFO has the same options on Graphics and SSD/HDD as well as housing the same CPU. However, the improvement is in the RAM. The Trident Z has higher speeds and the same latency and specifically created for AMD gaming builds. As a result, the computing power is not only greater but flows faster between CPU and GPU. This means greater performance in multi-gaming tasks such as online gaming whilst streaming. Furthermore, you experience less lag with high performance seeing little to no lag.

The software is admirable too. Doing away with the demanding firmware built into competitor rigs, we set the software based on your gaming preferences. As a result, you get what you need to get the most out of your rig without draining the CPU or RAM. It is simple, effective and agile and can evolve with you to be tweaked for different games.

As an Alienware competitor you can expect the same level of support which is included for a full year. Better yet, you have up to 26 different case designs to choose from. Are you gamer that wants to define yourself? Then the UFO is the better choice. Do not become a brands advocate when you can be an advocate to your gaming.

If you are new to tweaking your rigs, not to worry because you can get some great tips at the gamers den or on our YouTube channel.

Choose you Case or Tower

When ordering, choose below the Tower or Case you want for your installation and add the name in the order notes:

UFO 26
Choose the UFO 26
UFO 25
Love the UFO 25
UFO 23
Select the UFO 23
UFO 24
take home the UFO 24
UFO 22
This awesome UFO 22
UFO 21
Pick the UFO 21
UFO 20
Select the UFO 20
UFO 19
Choose the UFO 19
UFO 18
For you, the UFO 18
UFO 17
The outstanding UFO 17
UFO 16
Wow! The UFO 16
UFO 15
The roomy UFO 15
UFO 14
Love the UFO 14
UFO 13
Take away the UFO 13
UFO 12
This fantastic UFO 12
UFO 11
Show off the UFO 11
UFO 10
The discreet, yet stylish UFO 10
UFO 09
Love Asus, love the UFO 09
UFO 08
The unique UFO 08
UFO 07
AN RGB showcase, the UFO 07
UFO 06
Ho about the UFO 06
UFO 05
Consider this, the UFO 05
UFO 04
An elegant design, the UFO 04
UFO 03
Choose something special, the UFO 03
UFO 02
Want an Alienware look, choose the UFO 02
UFO 01
A modern look for the UFO 01

Additional information

Graphic Card

RTX2080-ti OC, 2 x RTX2070s (Super) SLI OC, 2 x RTX2080s (Super) SLI OC, 2 x RTX2080-ti SLI OC

Memory (RAM)

16gb Trident Z 3200 C14 RGB for AMD, 32gb Trident Z 3200 C14 RGB for AMD, 64gb Trident Z 3200 C14 RGB for AMD

Hard Drive

1tb SSD & 2tb HDD, 2tb SSD & 2tb HDD


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