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Continue to customise your rig with our helpful YouTube Channel. Offering help, tips and tutorials on advance settings to fit your games and preferences .

award winning custom gaming pc
This award winning aquarium gaming pc is truly beautiful

We have great customers and as a result we are building a great community of gamers and they are hanging out at The Gamers Den. Therefore help can be found within the gaming community, all who are familiar with Karasu. To sum up Video tutorials, game streams, tips and advice on specific games and how best to set up your gaming rig can be found. Whether it is finding out how to get the best FPS on specific games or understanding what components are best for your custom build. It’s all at The Gamers Den.

Commissioned custom build for something truly unique

Someone asked for a wall mounted gaming rig, so we built it
Yes, we do commissioned work. Share your idea and we will make it real.

Since you are a hardcore gamer looking for something truly unique, we offer commissioned custom gaming rigs. As a result of our customers epic imagination, Karasu are taking the next level into building custom gaming PC’s. There is something to be said in having a piece of artwork that also happens to be a killer gaming pc. Therefore we have a dedicated guru looking at these request and san help by visiting this page here. With attention to your wishes, we try to be as transparent as possible in getting exactly what you want. So do not be shy, you may well be surprised what can be done.